The Conifering Konoof (B​-​sides from Magic Mosaic)

by Everybody Yay

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Two songs that were originally going to be on The Magic Mosaic EP but weren't quite ready in time.


released June 6, 2010

Everybody Yay is Ethan Bradley & Robbie Ludvigsen.

This album was recorded in late 2009 and early 2010
Mixed and Produced by Everybody Yay
Mastered by Ethan Bradley



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Everybody Yay Richmond

Ethan and Robbie

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Track Name: Meaning
Is there meaning in the words you're speaking,
Is there feeling in anything that you say or do,
I often sit around and find myself thinking,
There are better ways to feel this way.
Track Name: River Walk
I'll take you down to the river we'll walk real slow,
I can sit around and think of ways to help myself grow,
And I can't explain, I can't remain here in this place all alone,
But I'll shake it off and try to fit my heart in my skull

I'm right by your side
I'll be by your side

I'll watch as everything drips away,
I'll stand here everyday with a grimmace on my face for the time you wasted,
I'll work hard through everything, through all the problems you create,
How do you think i manage to breathe on through everyday,
You're like a puppet to me