Brotherbear / Cliffs

by Everybody Yay

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These are the unfinished versions of two songs Ethan and I were working on between 2011-2013 that we never really got around to really putting to good use. These songs were a big part of our lives back then and still mean a lot to me so I'm happy to finally share them with everyone.

The proceeds to this are all going to Southern Environmental Law Center (

Thanks for listening guys.



released February 4, 2017

Ethan Bradley & Robbie Ludvigsen



all rights reserved


Everybody Yay Richmond

Ethan and Robbie

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Track Name: Brotherbear
The smudges on your face
The scratches on your knees, you wear them like a trophy from slaying monsters in the trees
The voices in your head
You'd rather be dead than not be able to sing

It's all that really matters

The tattered clothes you wear
That mess you call your hair, you never seem the least bit frightened
When sadness came your way, you said, "No, not today. Those thoughts can't hurt you when you're smiling."
With a crooked grin
I saw you as a child, so hopeful, free and wild despite the fate that death laid on you

I never catch you crying

I love you like a brother
I thought you were my brother
Track Name: Cliffs
You can open me up and look inside
You'll find a heart that beats loud and true
I try to reason with it sometimes
But nothing my mind tells it, it will ever do

So I won't look down
When I slip and fall, I'll stand
back on my feet again
and climb on to the top

And it's time like these I know I'm all on my own
And it's time like these you show the kind of friend you are
I'll never let you fall

I know I can get by this
And show them all the mistakes I made, it made me a bigger person.
And I know it's terrifying. But if you take my hand I'll pull you back up on your feet again.
And never let you fall.
Never let you fall.